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Sadly Carol Has Died

My dear wife Carol, the originator of this blog, passed away in October 2016. I will be closing the blog on 31st July 2017 so if there is anything you want to re-read or save please feel free to do it before that date. I miss Carol greatly, she was my wife, my soul mate and my best friend.  She was also a great source of information and I learned.. Read More


Much has been written about TTIP being secretive and “behind closed doors”. However if you search “TTIP EU”, you will find this site. http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/in-focus/ttip This has the negotiation positions of the EU team, the summaries of each round of negotiations, draft texts for various parts of the agreement. It actually seems very open, if you take the time to look. One area that gets a lot of comment is the.. Read More

EU referendum selection of comments in the Guardian

Everyone knows that the EU needs reforming. I happen to believe that it is in the UK’s interests to stay in it and get it reformed. Our present situation in the EU gives us access to trade with the entire world through EU trade treaties. We are not in the Eurozone so we have avoided the problems the Eurozone has had. We are not part of Schengen so we are.. Read More

“I say in particular to the young people here, this debate should be yours, take hold of it, don’t let an older generation who have enjoyed all the benefits of post-war Europe deny them to you. I say to everyone - don't diminish this great country of ours. Don't let them define how we are seen by the rest of the world. Don't let them make us something we're not and have never been - a country which turns it back. Let's fight them on the beaches of what it means to be British and reclaim that ground. Let's be true to what we've always stood for and always should. Let's honour the memory of those who fought to bring peace to Europe. Vote IN for the Britain we know and love.”

– Andy Burnham MP Roscoe lecture

Car insurance AA

Why did the AA send a letter to my husband about MY car insurance? For that very reason I will not consider their offer.

NHS Safe in their hands? Support the NHS Bill

NHS services and assets, including blood supplies, nurses, scanning and diagnostic services, ambulances, care homes, hospital beds and buildings – which the British public own – are being handed over to UK and foreign private companies. This is being done without a public mandate. Privatised services cost the NHS and taxpayer far more than when provided by our publicly owned and publicly run NHS. That is because public health systems.. Read More

NHS Safe in their hands – or Hunts’ hands?

David Cameron’s claim to back the NHS was shot down when more Tories attacked our healthcare system. Three of his Shadow Cabinet – Michael Gove, Greg Clark and Jeremy Hunt – called for the health service to be dismantled. They claimed it was “no longer relevant” in a book, “Direct Democracy”, co-authored with Tory MEP Daniel Hannan. Mr Hannan sparked outrage by calling the NHS a “60year-old mistake” on US.. Read More

UK courts allow cover-up of Eton child porn criminal to protect his wealthy family

UK courts have allowed an Eton schoolboy to use a false name to protect his wealthy family from scandal. Andrew Picard managed to escape jail time despite being convicted of creating and distributing sickening child pornography involving children as young as 2 years old. But Picard’s real name is Andrew Boeckman – Picard is his mother’s maiden name. Boeckman’s father is extremely wealthy lawyer-to-the-bankers Philip J Boeckman. But almost all.. Read More

Labour leader

After interminable hustings and winnowing voters we finally have the winner – Jeremy Corbyn. Who would have thunk it, a 66 year old reluctant entrant has galvanised the youth, the stay aways and members of other parties. JC probably can walk upon water too!

Rant on the essentially existential nature of the Web

‘Tis true. The web is indeed….. shit. My online footprint is tiny. Maybe five or six websites. The rest is just shit. What makes me sad though is what it has done to society. It really has turned people (particularly the younger generation) into attention wanting cabbages that simply cannot appear to function without their umbilical connection to the web, and the ego-boost that their online “friends” appear to give.. Read More

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