Everyone knows that the EU needs reforming. I happen to believe that it is in the UK’s interests to stay in it and get it reformed.

Our present situation in the EU gives us access to trade with the entire world through EU trade treaties. We are not in the Eurozone so we have avoided the problems the Eurozone has had. We are not part of Schengen so we are free of the problems that Europe is experiencing from that.

We have control of our borders despite the Brexit claims to the contrary so we control who comes into the country from Europe. We have even stopped thousands of European citizens of countries such as France and Germany from entering the UK – something Brexit says nothing about. Perhaps controls could be tighter but those we have allow us to keep out the influx from outside the EU, despite the Brexit claims to the contrary.

We are not likely ever to be a member of any future USE even if we stay in the EU because there are too many people in the UK who would never support us being a member.

In effect, for most things we are currently in the best possible position we could be vis-a-vis the EU and the world.

Leaving the EU will damage our trade and our economy. We will have no trade agreements or treaties for a long time. At the very least that will make our exports and imports more expensive and hit our sales and our balance of payments and worsen our National Debt and Deficit for many years.

We will lose major foreign owned employers that are only in the UK because we are in the EU and it gives them ready access to the EU markets. They will relocate to the EU.

People say that the UK Government will make up to Wales the loss of EU grants. But they won’t do any such thing. Wales will not only lose those grants but it will also lose many of its major employers when they relocate to the EU. In addition, Wales will see a dramatic reduction in agricultural exports to the EU and a reduction in tourism from the EU. In effect, the Welsh economy will be stuffed. That is only one part of the UK but it is the most vulnerable. Other parts of the UK will experience similar losses.

Scotland is already close to leaving the UK. Hopefully it will never happen but Brexit could easily be the trigger that brings it about. It is just an additional risk of Brexit with long term consequences.

The biggest risk to the economy will probably the London Financial hub which will be at risk of experiencing massive outflows of money very quickly, possibly within days or even hours of the result of the referendum vote being announced. The money markets hate risk and uncertainty and Brexit will be seen as a huge risk.

Free of EU shackles, still have to meet the standards and obey the rules to trade within the EU. Bound by the rules and standards the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) if we try to trade with former commonwealth countries so “independent free trade” actually only possible with India and China (and that is only likely to be more “outsourcing” of British jobs). The world is federalising to try and resist the monetary influence of global corporations. As yourself this, what has our Govt. done to prosecute any number of criminal financial activities perpetrated by corporations, then compare to EU prosecutions of LIBOR rigging, Insider Trading, HSBC Swiss banking scandal, Apple Anti trust, Microsoft Monopolistic actions, China price dumping etc. Exactly who is in thrall to the corporations, because I don’t see any multi million fines emerging from courts on this side of the Channel? Cameron and Farage would already sign TTIP even if we were out of EU (as stated in 2015 manifestos)

“and that gives us the right to trade and lose (trade deficit)”

Grow a spine!

Lots of countries within the EU have a trade surplus, like little old Ireland for example.

But you’d happily lay the blame for Britain’s trade deficit on the EU as well? What folly! At least when the British leave, they’ll have no-one to blame for their own sorry cock-ups than themselves. And what a relief that will finally be.

As for wine lakes, butter mountains and fisheries, they’ll all be in better shape through global limitations and protection, rather than any post-Brexit ‘free-trade’ , race to the bottom, non-model.


” we just feel very strongly that the country is being sold down the river and many of us want it back.” Sold down the river by our own government to private corporations and individuals not bounded by EU rules or arbitrary geographical boundaries. Out of the 100 biggest economies 57 are Corporations. But like the “immigration” problem supposedly causing all the pressure on our social infrastructure (nothing to do with decades of underinvestment finally catching up with us) lets just blame the EU for the problems caused by our own Government. Like the Dobermans in “UP”, the Govt. just has to point and say “EU” and the public loses sight of where “blame” should really fall.


I am in despair. The crazies have taken over so I am more convinced than ever that we will leave the EU..

No matter. I am taking steps to try and protect myself and my family against the consequences and I advise everyone who can to do the same. We are in for rough times.