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If Architects had to work like web designers

This is so old that the original author has been lost in the mists of time, never the less it still has value in deriving a wry smile on the face of many a web designer/developer… Dear Mr. Architect: Please design and build me a house. I am not quite sure of what I need, so you should use your discretion. My house should have somewhere between two and forty-five.. Read More

Me, myself and tautology…

What has happened to the objective “me”? For instance, ” From about 8pm to 1am nightly bandwidth for myself goes from an average of 11Mbps to 4-6Mbps”. Why not write, “From about 8pm to 1am nightly bandwidth for me goes from an average of 11Mbps to 4-6Mbps”? Speaking in the third person is unnecessary in this context and just plain wrong. It doesn’t make you look clever just badly educated.. Read More

Firefox: Java Console extensions

I finally got rid of the raft of old Java extensions in Firefox 6. You know how they install a new one but leave the old ones there cluttering up your hard drive? There is no Remove button in Firefox and they don’t appear in Windows Add/Remove programs, well this is how I did it. Removing the JAVA Console extension(s) manually from within extensions folder in the Firefox install (NOT.. Read More

Long lost libraries

From Friends of Scarborough Library newsletter. Edna Oxley Scarborough LONG LOST LIBRARIES (A warning from the future) What was a library Dad? Did you ever see one? What were they made for and why have they gone? They were places made for learning son. for the likes of you and me, Long before the radio, telly or P.C. They were buildings filled with books which anyone could borrow, Take them.. Read More


So, London’s burning and with a demoralised police force, discredited by the Murdoch phone hacking debacle, the yoof ‘express’ themselves. What form does this expression take? Flying mob rule (remember those “flying pickets” of the 70’s) but in this case there are no ideologies, no coherent demands and no political cause. The intent is to destroy, steal and intimidate. This is no Arab Spring, this is just lashing out because.. Read More

Cameron – playground bully? Hell yes!

“SAY what you like about Gordon Brown but he’ll never be called a rutting chimpanzee or accused of vilely assaulting a chambermaid in a swanky New York hotel. The former Premier, and longest serving Chancellor of the Exchequer since a time when women wore bonnets and men compared puffed sleeves, would be a shoo-in to succeed shamed Dominique Strauss-Kahn if Nobel Prize economists picked the IMF chief.” …”The PM who.. Read More

Next step?

CCSVI Blood Flow British doctors are set to offer patients a ground-breaking treatment for the devastating nerve disease ­multiple sclerosis. An Italian doctor has successfully treated MS patients with pioneering surgery to widen narrowed veins. Now specialists in this country are poised to use the same procedure. A private clinic said last night that it would offer the treatment within a matter of weeks in Glasgow and London. Dr Tom.. Read More

It’s all Thatcher’s fault…

We have Margaret Thatcher to thank for today’s Global Warming theory. The original theory was from a fringe scientist and when it surfaced nearly all mainstream scientists found it laughable. Man’s contribution to CO2 in the atmosphere is so small when compared to the contributions from volcanoes, plants and especially the oceans, it’s doubtful man could affect anything, let alone climate, by producing CO2. But Thatcher had a problem and.. Read More

Deleting a Facebook account

How to remove a Facebook account permanently. Most people would choose the Deactivate link from the Settings menu, but this doesn’t actually delete the account, it just archives it – in case you change your mind! However you may not like the idea of your details being kept on file. To completely delete an account use the following steps. On the main Facebook page, choose the Help link. When the.. Read More

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