‘Tis true.

The web is indeed….. shit.

My online footprint is tiny. Maybe five or six websites. The rest is just shit. What makes me sad though is what it has done to society. It really has turned people (particularly the younger generation) into attention wanting cabbages that simply cannot appear to function without their umbilical connection to the web, and the ego-boost that their online “friends” appear to give them. I swear, a friend of my wife who recently went on holiday to Spain spent hours and hours and hours posting pictures of her holiday – and I’m not talking about beautiful panoramic vistas, valleys, mesas and what not – no, I’m talking (literally) about pictures of bottles of wine, plates of food, empty plates of food, sun loungers, you name it. It’s all “look at me, look at me.”. I’m lucky enough to own a Porsche Cayenne. She actually took a selfie of herself leaning against my car, and posted it on Faceslap. What’s wrong with people? It seems that instead of people instinctively going and doing something (what ever that something may be – visiting a library or whatever) they now go and do things with a view to impressing an imaginary “audience” that is constantly (not) following them around and constantly (not) hanging on to every word and funny ha ha post that they make. And their so called “friends” are doing it too. All trying to up one another, and boost their own collective egos, since they can’t *really* face up to the fact that they lead a rather ordinary hum-drum life. They want to be “celebrities”.

A friend of mine posted the other day that he was “chilling with a glass of wine and his Gibson guitar”. Why? Around 15 people “liked” it. Why would he do that? Before Facecunt we didn’t call all our friends on their mobiles and tell them we were just about to go and get a chinese takeaway, and we didn’t take a picture of the empty takeaway cartons and dirty plates and post them in the mail to them. We didn’t even *email* them to our friends. Because… why would we? But – get a Facetwat account and you instantly turn into a fucking attention grabbing twat.

Shamelesly culled from comments by ForthisNotDead on the Register 27.08.14